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Our hotel bears the name of Aiolos, the god of the winds. In Greek mythology Aiolos was the son of Poseidon and Arni, lived on an island named Aiolia, which was surrounded by copper walls. He held the winds into sacs and leave them free to blow as order by Zeus.

 It is essentially a family business, located on the coastal road of Kokkari and is about 250 meters from the centre of the village. From early in the morning you can enjoy a swim in crystal waters of "Ammos" beach, which is about 10 meters from the hotel, or relax in the jacuzzi of our pool, drinking a cocktail from the bar! Late in the afternoon you can sit on the balcony of your apartment or even on the hotel's terrace, reading a book and enjoying the sunset. 

At present, the hotel consists of nine apartments. Each apartment includes bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and at least one balcony. 

The apartments, are divided into four main categories: 

    1. Double-beds 
    2. Double-beds, capable to accommodate third person * 
    3. Four-beds 
    4. Four-beds, capable to accommodate fifth person * 

  Near our hotel are many restaurants, where you can enjoy your food, literally on the beach, without having to walk long distances. 

Staying in Hotel Aiolos, in beautiful Kokkari, certainly will be for you an unforgettable experience! 


* There is the possibility to accommodate an additional person, using the specially shaped couch located in the living room, and which turns easily and quickly into a comfortable bed.