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Frequently Asked Questions
   Here you will find answers to most frequently asked questions, which we have been                                                                  at times from our customers...

Are small children / babies welcomed?
 Of course they are! Our apartments are ideal for large families, enabling little ones to enjoy themselves playing either by the sea, or in the pool and the open spaces of our hotel. Specially for the tiny little ones,cots can be made available, by the management, easily and quickly to the apartment, providing comfort to you and your children.

What time is breakfast served?
The fully equipped kitchen that all apartments have, allows you to prepare your breakfast or your meal, any time of the day you wish. Breakfast however, is also served at the bar or at your apartment, upon request and agreement about the serving time and the type of  breakfast.

There is the possibility to host disabled people (i.e. people in wheelchairs,etc.)? 
Currently the hotel has no such facility. The new annex which will be ready within the following years will enable purpose built apartments for people with mobility problems.  

Can I bring my dog?
Regrettably we cannot accommodate pets. We apologize, but owners of pets, who would like to visit us, will probably have to leave their pets behind ...!

How can I book?
Please note that for 2015 the hotel has entered into contract with the "Sundio Group", a Dutch travel agency, so you can make a reservation through them. For more information, please contact us via phone at +302273092218, +302273092194 (fax), via e-mail, to, or see the page "Contact Us" of our website.

How old is the hotel?
Hotel Aiolos is built at stages. The first part opened in 1991. Later, in 2000, a second section was added consisting of, swimming pool, a brand new reception area and two beautiful apartments. A third section is under construction which when completed, will offer nine more modern apartments.

What are the operating hours of the pool?
The pool is open from 8 am to 11 pm, except special occasions (e.g. children's party).

What are the operating hours of the bar?
In fact, the bar has no specific timetable. It starts to "serve" from early morning and ends late at night.